If I could write a letter to me,

I often wonder how my life would have turned out if I made different choices. If I had worked at a different store when I was 16, if I had actually saved money for my own car when I was 18, if I had taken the chances I was too afraid to take. Unfortunately time travel is not a real form of transportation, as much as I wish it was. So, I am living the life I have, and dealing the decisions I have made. If I could write a letter to me, this is what I would like to say to myself.

Dear me,

It’s future you. I know, it’s crazy, but just hear me out. I have to tell you a few things; things you’re going to want to know now instead of later.

First things first, spend more time having fun with your family instead of fighting all of the time. It is not worth it, however important it feels in the moment, I promise you, it wont matter in the future. Remember that mom and dad are getting older as you get older, so don’t take them for granted.

Keep focused with school! The world doesn’t care about you if you don’t have your degree. It’s boring, and it’s hard, and algebra sucks, but do it anyways. One day you’re going to be happy that you were home schooled. It honestly pays off, trust me.

Don’t listen to the mean girls. One day you’re going to find people who accept you, and love you for who you are. They’ll even find your bad jokes funny! Hard to believe, but it’s the truth. It will hurt for a little while, but the sooner you realize that people are going to come in and out of your life the easier it will be. Some people are not meant to be around forever, so appreciate them while they are. Learn what you can from the situation, and try to use it to your advantage in the future.

Please stop trusting that people always have your back; because they don’t. YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF!  People are always looking out for themselves, and they will trample you if necessary to get what they want.  Stop believing all of their empty promises, and kick ass to get what you want. Take responsibility for not getting what you want, because at the end of the day, nobody cares. It’s harsh, but it’s reality.

You do not need a boyfriend to feel good about yourself.  I am still finding this out, but maybe this will give you head start. Just because other girls your age have boyfriends, it does not mean you also need to have one. I mean just look at all the problems it will cause them… You are beautiful, and you don’t need a boy to tell you that.

Remember to be happy. Find the little things that make you smile, and hold them close to your heart. It is easy to focus on all of the things that are going wrong. Instead try to remember that everything happens for a reason, as cheesy as that may be; I’ve found it to be true for the most part. There are a few things that I cannot make sense of, but I am sure that I will one day.

I cannot wait until you get to see the things I have so far in life. There are a lot of really great things mixed in with the bad. Remember that through all of the trials of life, you are becoming a stronger person in spite of it. Keep your head up, and try not to let all of those thoughts in your head control you.

Love, Me.

If I could write a letter to me,

Random Confessions


I rarely eat breakfast

I am still afraid of the dark and I have a night light
I loved the Twilight series
I have an obsession with peacocks

I never drive the speed limit
I don’t like dogs unless it’s mine or best friend’s
I hate the words moist and cunt, especially used together

I hate swimming in lakes because I’m afraid of the fish
I can’t keep my room clean for more than a couple of days
I have an extremely short temper

I have a tendency to ignore people if they are not entertaining me
I secretly judge everyone
I actually live by the expression: WWBWD?

tumblr 11
What would Blair Waldorf do?”
I don’t like when people smoke cigarettes

me trying to be sexy
If a guy is Catholic/Christian, he instantly becomes more attractive to me
One of my favorite shows is the Vampire Diaries

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Random Confessions

20 Things To Remember While Shopping During the Holidays.

As we are all painfully aware, the holidays are upon us. You especially don’t need to remind any of us who work in retail. So, I have compiled a list of things those of you who do NOT work in retail can reference while shopping this season.

1. Learn how to respect others;
(I started with the most important first)

Especially those of us who are not with our families during Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays.
Because let’s all keep in mind that technically, it’s not “Black Friday” when you’re
shopping at 5:00 pm on Thursday…


2. No, I don’t have any more in “the back.”
But yes, I will walk around, do a little dance, take a drink, and go through every swear word in my vocabulary,
while pretending to “check anyways.”

I swear, if I hear one more person ask me to check anyways; because apparently I have little mice in the stockroom just waiting to sew you whatever item you’re looking for,
because that’s a real option according to the smug look on your face, while waving me away.


3. I am not your personal “ego-booster”.
I have other customers that are just as important as you, though you obviously you think otherwise.
I do not have time to watch you try on 12 different coats and tell you that “You look fabulous in that color, and the cut is amazing.”
Because let’s face it, you’re going to buy whatever you want anyways, you’re just thirsty for compliments;
even if they are coming from an employee who couldn’t care less.


4. The sales floor is not your “I don’t want my coffee anymore” trash bin.
I don’t why  so many people do this, because it’s disgusting.
Although I would rather find your lipstick and coffee covered cup, instead of a dirty diaper, half eaten pretzel, or used tissue.


5. It is not my fault your “coupon does not apply to your purchase.”
Let me just start off by saying, that I wish I could punch whoever decides on the “exclusions” for coupons, because I hate you.
Second, I would like to reach over the counter and smack the person who is screaming at me,
because obviously it’s my fault, and I am clearly out to ruin their lives personally.


6. I don’t have every single item in the store memorized,
and I certainly don’t keep track of what other departments do with their shit.
“It’s that one item, that used to be right over there, and I saw it about two weeks ago, and I was wondering where it was now.”
Right, because I know exactly what thing you’re referring to.


7.  Your kids are the spawn of Satan himself.
I’m sorry, but when your kids are running around the racks, grabbing my legs because they think I’m their mother, and screaming or crying at the top of their lungs, don’t be surprised when I don’t want to help you.
I want to be as far away from the little gremlins as possible, without actually leaving the store.
Also, they have sticky fingers that seem to touch everything,
and you clearly don’t bathe them because they have shit all over their faces.


8. Please let me help you find the size you’re looking for.
I have to take precious seconds, minutes, hours, and days, out of my life to keep the tables and racks clean.
So you can imagine how pissed you would be if someone came and destroyed your hard work in seconds.
I can promise you that I don’t board fold with a sheet of paper, pop hoods, size,
and organize in color standards for the fun of it.


9. Grandma, seriously, I don’t have time for you to tell me all about your clearly spoiled grand children.
If you come in looking for a specific item that your granddaughter or grandson put on their list,
expect that it’s going to be expensive. They don’t care that the only North Face that they want is $120.
How about you send a card and $5 bill to those ungrateful bastards. Jeesh.


10. Please, I beg of you, don’t complain when I refuse to let you into a dressing room with 1,000 things.
Because you’re not the one who has to put all the shit you don’t want away!
Because its usually all or 998 of the items.

11. Learn to read. Because I have no tolerance for illiterates. 
I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK or KNOW what the sign said.
I know what the actual sign is for, and I am not going to “just change the price.”


12. I do not work off commission.
I work for barely above, or minimum wage.
I am basically an overpaid 1800’s slave according to you.
So no, I am not getting paid enough to stand here while you ask me a million and one stupid questions.
Including if I work off commission because if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have this annoyed look on my face.

13. I am on break, and I am trying to run away from you, stop yelling after me.
When I am off the clock, I have absolutely NO obligation to talk to you, stop what I am doing, look at you,
and definitely NOT get you down a size.


14. “Excuse me, do you work here?”
Nope. Actually I don’t, I am just wearing this name tag, headset, and uniform type outfit,
because I work up today thinking:
I am going to pretend I have a job when I am just an average citizen walking around in a store.


Oh no, this is a very different version of the question.
This is the “I can’t find anyone else to torture, and I think that you looked like an easy enough target
to focus my wrath upon, even though you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.”

woah bitch

16. “It doesn’t have a price, so it must be free”
*laughs as if you’re the first person to ever say that.*
You’re literally the most annoying person alive right now, and I wish you would leave and never come back.


17. I do not, I repeat, DO NOT, control the prices.
I have absolutely no say in the matter, I just work here.
Although according to you, I can just say:
“Oh you don’t like that price printed on the tag from the manufacturer?
Let me change that for you right away!”


18. I don’t want to hear your life story.
I would rather be doing anything else.
Literally anything.


19. Asking to “talk to a manager” is a complete waste of time.
One, they are going to tell you exactly the same thing I did,
just worded differently,
and two, as soon as you walk way,
we are going to call you a names, laughing hysterically while doing so.

20. No, I actually hate your sarcasm when you say, “I bet you just love your job.”
It’s people like you that make me hate my job more than the day before.


20 Things To Remember While Shopping During the Holidays.