“So I saw this guy at a coffee shop…”

“So I saw this guy at a coffee shop, and I think he’s the ONE… basically we’re planning a spring wedding. I just have to talk to him first.”

Have you ever seen someone in a public place that caught your eye? Maybe it was initially because a physical attraction, but the more you inspected there was little details that made them more memorable? Yes, that sounds super creepy, but our minds are a wonderfully confusing place, and its usually involuntary. Maybe it was a coffee shop, maybe it was on the train, maybe it was just passing them on the street. Whatever the case, somehow in the split-est of a second, they have left an impression on you.

Now maybe this is just me, but then my daydreaming starts to kick in. I imagine what I would say if I actually had the courage to say something. This would never happen because of crippling anxiety and unfathomable awkwardness. I usually wonder what their name is, where they grew up, what kind of relationship they have with their parents. How did they get there? I wonder if the universe pushed us together for an unknown reason. A glance but never an actual interaction.

Imagine if we actually said one word to those who somehow grab our attention… “hello”.
Seems easy enough right? Wrong. Because why would we put ourselves in such a vulnerable position? Why would we potentially set ourselves up for failure? These of course are only half of the reactions we could possibly have with said person. What if they actually wanted to talk to you as well?! Just kidding your’re an awkward penguin. 

“So I saw this guy at a coffee shop…”

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