New Year Resolutions

With 2015 upon us in just a few hours, at least it is here in the U.S.
I thought I would share what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year

1. Be more kind
2. Learn how to skateboard / long board
3. Go to church more often
4. Keep my room clean
5. Move out
6. Spend more time with family
7. Save money
8. Paint my nails without messing them up before they dry
9. Go to more concerts
10. Shorten my temper
11. Take more pictures
12. Quit Dicks Sporting Goods
13. Start Culinary School classes
14. Bowl over a 100
15. Take more naps
16. Try new cupcake recipes
17. Go on all the rides at Six Flags
18. Go to the gym on a regular basis
19. Take my dog on more walks
20. Cure Cancer
21. Become more serious
22. Stop making empty promises

Happy New Years Everyone!

May 2015 bring you everything your heart desires

New Year Resolutions

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