Man Candy.

Why Guys Suck.

1. The way they walk

2. The way they talk

3. The way they look at you

4. The way they bite their lower lip

5. The way he dances

6. The way he makes you want to rip his clothes off

7.  The way he wears sweatpants and looks sexy as hell

8. When he compliments you

9. When he remembers little details that you’ve mentioned

10. When he holds your hand in a crowd of people so he doesn’t loose you

11. The way he smiles at you when you enter his line of vision

12. The way he says your name in a conversation

13. The way he says your name

14. The way he makes you laugh

15. The way he cuddles with you while you sleep

16. The way he hugs you when your drunk and you just stand there forever

17. When he buys you chicken nuggets

18. When he texts you because he knows you’re upset without having to tell him

19. When he wraps his arms around your waist at a concert

20. The way he makes you feel safe

21. When you have inside jokes

22. The way his muscles look in a tight t-shirt

23. His tattoos

24. When he plays with your hair

25. When he makes you mac-n-cheese

26. The way he acts around little kids

27. The stupid nicknames he gives you

28.  The way he kisses

29. How passionate he is for everything he does

30. The way he gets nervous while talking about sex

31. The way he flirts with other girls

32. The way he stops talking to you every night

33. The way he decides to date someone other than you

34. When he breaks your heart

35. When he secretly still had feelings for you but was a whimp and never said anything

36. When he makes you question your entire friendship

37. When he gets lonely and suddenly wants you again

38. When he finally gets you to give in

39.  When he makes you feel like his second choice

40. When he makes you feel like an idiot for ever liking him in the first place

41. When you realize that maybe there was never anything special between us

42. When have to act like you aren’t broken inside

43. When you wish that it was back to how it was before

44. When you start loosing hope for him to realize what he’s missing.

45. When you finally move the fuck on. 

Man Candy.

One thought on “Man Candy.

  1. When he spends months chasing you and building a special bond of friendship and trust because he says he wants you to open up,but doesn’t pay attention when you finally heed his advice and you just end up feeling like a complete idiot.

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