Have a Gay Day!

I, along with an overwhelming amount of people, and my friends, are going to the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago this Sunday, and I could not be more excited!

I absolutely love the atmosphere of people loving themselves and not being afraid to show it. I’m not gay and I get this amazing feeling, so I can only imagine the unity those who are feel.

As a country there are far too many people who want to deny these amazing people their right to marry the one they love and that is extremely upsetting. Now I am not going to go into any specifics or percentages, because I don’t believe in them, and quite frankly I don’t think they make a difference in an argument. Anyways, I don’t think that those people really want to be homophobic, they just don’t know anything different. If you think about it, what values do you have? Where did they come from? Your parents right? Now think, if you support different things than your parents did you come to those conclusions on your own? Yes. Did you have opportunities to experience the other side of things? Yes, because your loving parents gave you the support to do so. The people that post hateful things on the internet don’t have that kind of support system. I mean a lot of the people who post homophobic posts are closeted gays!! It all comes down to whether or not your beliefs are accepted by those around you.                             god loves gays

I grew up Catholic, I have gone through all of the sacraments and go to church frequently. As I am sure you know, the Catholic religion is EXTREMELY homophobic. Now there are a few things that I don’t necessarily agree with when it comes to Catholicism, but the things that my religion says about gay people makes me sick. Now here’s where the support of my parents comes into play. They know that I am sometimes too caring of a person; another person’s problem is my problem. I drop what I am doing to support another human being. Always. So when I was talking to my parents one night I think at dinner, the topic of gays and whether or not it is something they support came up, I immediately started saying how much I support it and believe in it.  Just like how I am pro-life because everyone should be able to exercise their rights whether they are an unborn baby, a boy who loves another boy, or a girl that loves another girl. My parents where not surprised at all that I supported gay pride, because they raised me to love others and accept them for who they are. I can’t even imagine not loving my child because of who they loved.

Unfortunately, there still are those people that are homophobic that grew up in a supportive household where they could express their beliefs and never be put down for them. It is just a mindset as silly as: “I don’t like peas.” “Have you ever had peas?” “No.” “Then how do you know that you don’t like peas?” “I don’t like they look or smell, so I don’t like them.”

There are so many different analogies that I could use! But the main point I am trying to make is that I am so proud to support gay pride! To think that I could have missed out on friendships based on what I should believe is crazy. If everyone did everything they should do, the world would be a very boring place without any color!

Have a gay day, Liz


Have a Gay Day!

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Good Morning!
Yes, I am just now up out of bed on a weekday.
I’m living the dream life I know!
This is one reason why I love closing at work because then I actually get to sleep in.

Today my dad and I are going to check out a car dealership and hopefully they are going to offer me the right prices and the best financing that I want and I will be driving home in a new car! That of course is the best scenario, but I am trying to remain as optimistic as possible. Mostly because this is basically my last shot at getting a car in the very near future.

It is really dreary here in Illinois today. It’s quite dark as I sit in my kitchen drinking my iced coffee.
I can also hear my dog snoring next to me on her bed. How precious!

Anyways, I know this is really short, but I guess you could just look at it as short and sweet.
I am going to go get dresses and ready to leave.
I mostly likely will post something about the car shopping experience.

Love, Liz

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Things I hate. Pt. 2

1. slow internet

2. cold french fries

3. when the sun is setting and is too low for the visor in the car to block so I’m blinded while trying to turn.

4. when I burn my cookies.

5. when I can’t open a snapchat and I forever have “1” notification.

6. when I get out of the shower and I forgot a towel.

7. when my alarm goes off in the morning.

8. when my alarm DOESN’T go off in the morning, so I barely make it to work on time.

9. vacuuming.

10. when my dog won’t stop barking at nothing.

11. when people are rude to me at work for no reason.

12. my fucking back fat.

13. dieting to get rid of my fucking back fat.

14. when my sister plays her music over and over again so I forever have a One Direction song stuck in my head.

15. homework, though I think that’s pretty universal.

16. when the dryer sheets stick to my clothes and I find one in my shirt while at work.

17. that reminds me; doing laundry, I fucking hate doing laundry.

18. flat pop.

19. when my “fast food” takes too long because I want to ingest all of that terrible food RIGHT NOW.

20. brushing my teeth, like it’s so time consuming, don’t worry though, I brush my teeth anyways.

21. not being 21 yet.

22. that song 22 by Taylor Swift.

23. Basically any song by Taylor Swift.

24. finishing a series of books that I don’t want to end/

25. math.

26. celery.

27. when my nail polish starts to chip off which only entices me to chip it the rest of the way off.

28. living in Illinois.

29. pimples. again pretty universal.

30. when someone goes in my room when I’m not home, but leaves something ever so slightly out of place enough to let me know that someone was indeed in my room without my permission.

31. mowing the lawn.

32. running out of things to hate.

Things I hate. Pt. 2