“Are you liquid…

“Are you liquid eyeliner, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to fuck this up…”


Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Yesterday was what is known as “The Taste of O’Toole” at my parent’s church. They’ve ran the whole shindig for the past three years. What it is, is, all of the ethnic groups of the parish have a table; Irish, Italian, Filipino, Mexican, African, German, etc. Each of the groups make a spread of food native to their country. Corned beef, egg roles, tamales, mostacholi, etc. Then there’s the American table, they have hot dogs, chili, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; it’s awesome. It’s pretty cool though that there are so many people that participate in this event, whether it is to cook, serve, or just come to eat, there’s always a sense of unity. Who knows, maybe food is the answer to world peace!


rewind: Saturday, November 9th 2013



Me in my whole ans-amble for my cousin’s wedding last Saturday. I had so much fun! I did get a giant sliver in my foot from the dance floor, but I didn’t let it stop me! I had an amazing time with my cousins and other family. At the hotel there was some kind of comic-con going on, and it was really cool seeing all the people dressed in their crazy costumes. I think that its awesome that they are so secure that they will go out in public like that! So I applaud those who “larp.”

I wish that the night could have lasted so much longer. It seemed to go by so quickly! After the dancing ended at the reception, we went over to a bar/restaurant, which was cool, because I was a part of the bridal party aka, I didn’t get carded, I mean I’m less than a year off, but still. I was happy to be included, and not be their “little cousin Elizabeth” who wears the ruffled dresses.

So I promised there would be picture, and their black and white because for some reason the hotel room made all of my pictures really yellow.

Congrats to my cousins [who are in some exotic place right now… :)]

rewind: Saturday, November 9th 2013

30 reasons why its hard to be a girl.

1. periods. period.

2. the messy bun.

3. the constant urge to eat chocolate of any kind.

4. feeling fat.

5. wearing heels.

6. wearing make-up.

7. fake bitches who we thought were our friends.

8. impressing boys.

9. doing our right hand (or left depending) when painting our own nails.

10. shaving (or waxing) everything.

11. the fact that we “love” everything. 

12. driving with all the windows down; with your hair down.

13. constantly craving food; i.e. Chipotle.

14.remembering we didn’t wash off our make up; after we’re snuggled in bed.

15. Always wanting to watch anything Disney princess related.

16. having to grow children for 9 months.

17. boobs.

18. bras.

19. thongs.

20. mastering the art of “sub-tweeting” that bitch.

21. the stereotype that we don’t want to watch action moves, just “chick-flicks.”

22. not having clean underwear.

23. bad hair days.

24. having to keep up with the fashion trends.

25. worrying that we’ve posted too many instagram selfies.

26. when Starbucks messes up our order.

27. when our hipster glasses brake.

28. straightening, or curling our hair.

29. boob sweat. *all the guys: ewww!!!*

30. coming up with things to write about on our blog. 😉

30 reasons why its hard to be a girl.

Thursday, November 7th 2013

Holy shit, I cannot believe that its already November! Where has all the time gone? I feel like New Years was last week. I hate that time never slows down. I never have enough of it. I mean I remember wishing I was 16, and now I’m 20. At work, we have Christmas decorations up everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I am not  ready yet. I always procrastinate when it comes to gifts for my family. I usually wait until the last minute, then spend way too much, because everything is an impulse buy. Although, one thing that I get my mom every year is a bird ornament from Macy’s. It used to be that I would get her a cardinal (that represents her mom, my grandma) but then I got her so many cardinals, that I expanded it to all birds. My dad and brother are the hardest to shop for. I can get my little sisters something like make-up or anything One Direction related and they’re set. I can get my brother another band shirt, but my dad always tells me that “he doesn’t want anything” but I have to get him a Christmas gift. It would be bad if I didn’t.  Everyone on twitter and such are flipping shit over the Starbucks red holiday cups, which is cool, but like I said, I’m not ready for that. I want it to be Thanksgiving so I can eat everything in sight without feeling guilty.

This Saturday is my cousin Greg’s wedding. He is marrying Bridget, who is awesome. This is one wedding that I am actually looking forward to. I get to see all my cousins that I actually like! My cousin Sara is coming up again, and is staying with us until Tuesday! I am looking forward to spending time with family, dancing, drinking, and looking hot in my awesome dress and shoes. I am staying over night with my cousin Sara and Bill in their hotel room, because I don’t want to leave at a certain time Saturday night, although technically it would be Sunday morning…                 and we will have time to have breakfast and nurse our inevitable hangovers. I seriously am so excited. OK, you twisted my arm, I will tell you what my outfit looks like! It’s an all black dress that is kinda like a t-shirt on the top, then comes down to my waist then flairs out. The shoes I got are wait for it; LEGENDARY! Just kidding! Their gold and sparkly. Which is so not what I would normally wear, which was kinda the point. Then I got a necklace that is a cluster of flowers and rhinestones on a gold chain, which is the exact color of my shoes! I of course will post an “outfit of the wedding day!” I felt so girly when I was shopping for my dress, and when I am wearing the whole ans-amble, I feel really pretty; since I wear yoga pants and t-shirts every day for work.

Tonight I have the American Eagle floorset for Holiday 2. I did prep last night as well. I decided to stay on and do their floorsets, instead of quitting all together (and I still get my discount!) It also earns me some extra cash for Christmas. It also is cool getting to see a bunch of people I used to work with everyday. Anyways, I think I am going to get ready and go to the bank and what-not.

Hugs, Liz

Thursday, November 7th 2013