Thursday, September 26th 2013


Yesterday, my mom, Erin, Jessica, and I went shopping! My sister Jessica is going to homecoming this Saturday with her friends, and she needed to get a dress. I ended up finding her the perfect one. I will post pictures of her on here, when she is all “done up.” I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I do feel pretty fucking special that I found the dress for her. and it was only $30!! I am so excited too, because I get to do all of my adopted sisters (the girls who live across the street) hair and make up too! If I wasn’t a chef I would most likely go to beauty school or something. Though I think what it really is that I like about it so much is how artistic it is! I am planning on buying a new make up pallet and some brushes too. I want to really “look the part.” The girls even made a chart with their appointments… Anyways; my mom ended up getting a dress for my other cousin’s wedding in November, its a really pretty burgundy, and its all made of lace. She looked so pretty. I tried on a few dresses for the wedding, but nothing seemed to look right on me. I might go back to that mall we went to yesterday, because they had some really awesome dresses for not that much money, and I am cheap as fuck.

I have my cousin’s bridal shower on Saturday (I have two weddings coming up, one in October for Joe and Nikita, and one in November for Joe and Bridget) I still need to find a dress for the shower, and both weddings. I am probably going shopping again today. Unfortunately, the weddings are too close together to be able to be able to wear the same dress, so I have to buy two fancy dresses. I also cannot wear the one I have from my cousins wedding last December because everyone will remember it. Of course these weddings are both on my mothers side of the family, so they are the types of people who definitely remember, and probably say something to me about it.  

Today is an absolutely beautiful day outside. It just puts me in a good mood. Also all of these exciting things are coming up, keeping me in a good mood. I have a short little baby shift tomorrow at work, only 9am-1pm; plus its PAYDAY!!! Then on Saturday is the shower, and my cousin Sara and Aunt Peggy are coming and staying with us! then SUNDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! What makes it even cooler is that my favorite cousin and aunt are going to be here!! See exciting right!? 

Well I have to do some laundry before I get going on the rest of my day.

Kisses, LIz

Thursday, September 26th 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I cannot belive its already the end of September. They say that as you get older, years become shorter, and gosh am I feeling old. Time has been moving way too fast!! Tomorrow I am going downtown with one of my best friends; KC. I absolutely love the city. I wish I could live there all the time. My mom always said, I could tell you were born for the city because of how quickly you walk and how fearless you are when it comes to traffic.. I couldn’t agree more!! I have to work another long shift today. Although I don’t really mind the long shifts because then I am not constantly looking at my watch for the time, because I know I am there much longer! Ah well..
Love you! Have a wonderful hump day everyone!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday, September 21st 2013


I did a little shopping last night, which I really shouldn’t do, but I just could not leave without this shirt. I got it at Hot Topic. That store is a trap for me, I always leave with something. I have been looking for this shirt for a while, ever since Austin (from Of Mice and Men) posted it on his Instagram.

I got to hang out with my friend Maddi, and my brother. She and I went to see “The Battle of the Year” mostly because it had Josh Peck, you know the chubby one from Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon!!

I was so happy to have a night out! I feel like I am always working. I like it there so far. Especially now that I know what I am doing! I don’t feel as lost anymore. There are couple new people in the apparel department too, so I am officially no longer the new girl haha. I really do not want to work tomorrow.

Oh! I colored my hair last night! Yep at 1:00am actually.. It is now a really dark brown. The extensions that I got match perfectly! I cut a couple more inches off, so now they don’t look crazy long. I am excited to wear them!

Good night loves!


Friday, September 20th 2013


Good afternoon everyone 🙂

Today I decided to just go for it and try out hair extensions!! I hate waiting for my hair to grow back after I think I can pull off short hair, but I can’t. Although I got $20 ones from Claires because I was afraid I would look weird with such a drastic difference.
I plan on coloring my hair a dark brown for the fall/winter in the next couple of days before my birthday. The extensions are too dark for my hair now, but once its dark it will look awesome.
They said to avoid using heat on them because they’re not real hair, but if you’ve ever met me, I say fuck the rules. So naturally I used my flat iron on my hair with them in. Like I said they were super cheap, so I don’t care as much if they get damaged which they didn’t. I also cut about 2 inches off because they were a bit too long, and cutting them made it look far more natural.

huh? What? I didn’t just mentally sing that as I was typing. pffft!

I hope everyone enjoys their night. Get drunk enough for the both of us. Only one more year til I am 21 😦 I need to live in Europe…

Friday, September 20th 2013

Saturday, Sept. 14th 2013


Good Morning!

I am sitting at starbucks like a total hipster here, on my blog, sipping a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappachino.

I had to bring my sister to gymnastics at the sportsplex down the street, and I soo did not want to sit there with all of the moms. Who by the way were totally judging my no-make up, baggy sweatpants, and a boys black long sleeve shirt, like I was the spawn of satan.. I’m sorry I have to wear yoga pants everyday to work, I just wanted a day that I can wear sweatpants that make my ass non-existent.

Side note, there are women here that are talking to each other in French. Its so cool. I can tune out everyone else, and just listen to them and pretend I am at a cafe in Paris or something. I took a little French in high school, so I can make out some of the things they are saying. They are trying to teach the older woman how to check her email on their Kindle. So cute!

I am so tired. After starting this new job, I don’t have time for anything anymore. I actually counted, and I am working 13 days in a row. The last day I had off was last Sunday, but that is because I requested it off for my cousin’s bridal shower. I didn’t even get to sleep in because I went to 8:30am Mass with my mom. So before that day off I worked 12 days in a row. I just need a break! So today is nice, because I got to sleep til 9;30am, and come here. The only downside is that I cannot fully enjoy this because I have to work 2;45pm to 10:00pm.

This was my work schedule this past week,

Sunday: 2:30-7:30

Monday: (I worked in Aerie) 9:30-5

Tuesday: 2:30- 10:00

Wednesday: 8:45-4:00

Thursday; 2:30-10:00

Friday: 8:45-4

Saturday: 2:45-10:00

Do you feel my pain yet? Then it starts all over again in a new week..

So I am going to enjoy every second of this hour sitting here, before I need to pick up my sister.

I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy your Saturday!!

❤ Liz


The Other Side


Back at Warped Tour, Tonight Alive was selling pre-sale CDs to be sent out in September corresponding with their release date. The package included the CD, a TA tote bag and wait for it a meet and greet with all the memebers of Tonight Alive!! Needless to say, meeting Jenna was one of the best days of my life. The CD came today. It was a great surprise to come home to after work. After giving it a listen, which may be a little biased, because I love the band, it is a great album. I think my favorite song is Hell and Back. The following photo is the chorus.


If you don’t already listen to TA, you need to look them up and give them a listen!! I promise you are going to find a song that you can absolutey connect with, I know I have many


The Other Side

Monday, September 9th 2013


Today is my last day as a full time Aerie Girl, then I switch to only floorsets. So I thought I would do a little outfit of the day post! This is one of the rare times I actually look decent..
Preplum Top: Express

Jeans: American Eagle naturally

Flip Flops: Hollister

Bracelets/Watch from left to right: LOVE bracelet:American Eagle

Watch: AE

Rhinestone bracelet: AE

(x2) Thread bracelets; rainbow and rasta: Handmade by me!

Then for my hair I twisted hair from the front to back to make a half-ponytail, then secured with bobbypins.

On my ears, I am wearing my silver rhinestone studs. My go-to’s!

Stay beautiful. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

If you see someone missing a smile give them yours 🙂

Monday, September 9th 2013