hispsta please!

I find that it is sometimes very easy to categorize people into what genre of music they listen to by how they dress.

1) girls in yoga pants, ugg boots, and a PINK shirt/sweatshirt

pop/rap aka, Justin Bieber, One Direction loving girls

2) guys in a Hollister etc shirt, dark wash jeans, chunky gym shoes, you know the ones, the kind basketball players wear, but this white kid from the suburbs probably plays on his private tennis court far more than basketball.

also pop/rap with the occasional Taylor Swift jam-sesh in his room at night

3) black chick, this is just a generalization, don’t take this the wrong way, big sunglasses, even bigger earrings, juicy couture track suit. With so much lady swag you can feel it from across the room, and she makes sure her badass self is noticed.

hardcore rap, gospel

4) dreadlocks, rasta backpack, dirty boots. STONER ALERT.

to be very specific, Bob Marley, and anything they can play on guitar with their feet

5) black hair, black shirt, black ripped up jeans, black boots/Vans, black hoodie, black eyeliner

death metal, pirate metal etc.

6) (people like me, aka the cool kids) band t-shirts, tattoos, gauges, skinny jeans, but also wear eh, regular , jeans, normal hair, and normal amount of make up.

to be very specific

A Day To Remember, Sleeping with Sirens, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, Blink-182, Tonight Alive, the Summer Set, A Loss For Words, Forever the Sickest Kids, Motionless in White, Of Mice and Men, Suicide Silence, Sworn In, We the Kings, Upon this Dawning. 

Need I go on?

hispsta please!

do you ever wish you could just go back?

I find myself wishing that I could time travel almost everyday. I keep thinking about if I was able to warn my past self of what my present self knows, then my future self wouldn’t get hurt. follow?

Sure sure, we need to make mistakes so we can grow and learn, but I wish that I could know what is around the corner. I hate surprises, and every minute of every day is a surprise, and that scares me. That and the fact that someone could be waiting to scare me.

I wonder what my life would be like if my 14-year-old self knew how horrible all that eyeliner looked. Or if my 16-year-old self would have actually saved money for a car, then again at that age I didn’t know that I would not be getting my licence til I turned 18. Maybe if I was able to time travel, I could go back and tell myself that not having a car at almost 20 would          suck dick.

*side note* my brother is talking to me as I write this, and he wishes he could go back and tell his 8-year-old self to smoke weed sooner.

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has thought about this, so how come some smartypants scientist dude hasn’t invented it yet? gosh!

so I would like to conclude this post with a little note to my future self:


do you ever wish you could just go back?

Spring Fever Tour

Last night was one of the best nights of my life.

 I went to the Spring Fever concert last night at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

I honestly cannot think of anything else to say but FUCK YEA!

We got to see You Me At Six, which honestly I didn’t really care about, MAYDAY PARADE, oh my gosh I about passed out when they came on stage, and wait for it, PIERCE THE VEIL!!! oh and All Time Low, but again I don’t really care about them, I was there for Mayday and PTV.

We waited in line for about 3 hours, which went by really quickly, it was cold, and today while I am writing this, it is 70°, while yesterday it was 40°, but that’s Chicago weather.

Mayday Parade performed some of my favorite songs; Jamie All Over, Black Cat, Oh Well Oh Well, and Somebody That I used to Know, with the one and only  Vic from PTV. It was intoxicating watching them on stage together, there was almost too much perfection to handle. I was able to record their entire song, but the others I just got clips of because I was enjoying myself far too much to hold a camera still. 

Then it was Pierce the Veil’s turn. I was jumping and screaming like a crazy person, but I could give two shits if someone else didn’t like it. IT WAS VIC UP THERE!!!

Everyone went insane when they performed King For A Day, and I thought it wouldn’t be the same without Kellin Quinn (lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens) but I didn’t even notice. Their backdrop was badass, it had these cool monsters, and spinning gears. They also had confetti cannons, it was awesome!

One of the best parts about it though, wasn’t that I got to see my two of my all time favorite bands, but that I got to share the experience with one of my best friends KC and my brother, who is more like a friend than brother, Joe.

Screenshot_2013-05-04-14-49-33 DSC05180 DSC05212 Screenshot_2013-05-04-14-36-52-1 Screenshot_2013-05-04-14-49-00-1

Spring Fever Tour