coffee break by Forever The Sickest Kids

I’m two cups into my coffee break
I’m sitting alone in the cafe front way, reading all by myself.
I’m turning my cell off just to breathe, cause everyone just keeps calling me
& I just need a little time
cause I’ve over committed myself
I guess this is growing up
I’m sleeping so little these days
I’m guessing this is growing up.
I’m feeling things are about to change
I’m guessing this is growing up. Yeah I’m guessing this is growing up
& my mom hates my guts
She has every reason to
for all the things I do
And it breaks me just to know
that I’ve torn her apart so many times, so many times
cause I’ve over committed myself
I’m guessing this is growing up
I’m sleeping so little these days
I’m guessing this is growing up
I’m feeling things are
about to change
I’m guessing this is growing up yea I’m guessing this is growing up
I don’t want to change
I wanna stay right where I lay
eyes closed on the pillow
better change before its too late
I’m guessing this is growing up
Now I’m done with my coffee break
I turn my phone on now that I’ve
grown up.

coffee break by Forever The Sickest Kids

10/20 questions

01. Your current relationship; if single, discuss single life.

     Well, I am not in a relationship, so I suppose I will discuss single life. I certainly don’t mind single life. Though I will admit when I see a precious couple I have one of those “FOREVER ALONE!!” moments. But I am definitely not the type to bounce from one guy to another.

02. Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

     Well in 10 years from now I will be almost 30 years old. eww gross! I hope that by then I am graduated from culinary school, married, or at least in a serious relationship, with a well-known bakery in L.A. or San Francisco, California.  I don’t plan on having kids, but I better have a Chow and Tea-cup Yorkie.

03. Your views on drugs and alcohol.

This can be a tricky subject based on the mere fact that marijuana is not a drug, but is considered to be one by most. I condone the use of mary jane, but indubitably not cocaine, mushrooms, meth, heroine, etc. Alcohol is fine, as long as you don’t get blackout drunk. If you drink socially, or even a glass of wine at home, I think its fine in moderation.

04. Your views on religion.

     I grew up Catholic; it’s all I know. I have made my Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, I attend Mass every Sunday as much as I can. I have been on the March For Life in Washington D.C. 4 times. I have attended 2 N.C.Y.C. (National Catholic Youth Conference) I volunteered 10 days in Mississippi and Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, and I was a member of my parish’s youth group CHAOS (Christ Has Awakened Our Spirit) for 5 years. I am also a Lector and Eucharistic Minister. Even though I have done all of these things mentioned, I still believe that anyone can believe what they believe. I know that being Catholic, I am supposed to believe that if you are not Catholic, you’re going to straight to hell, and you need to be saved but people who are Catholic are not always good people. I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that if a person that gives up their entire life to devote themselves to helping others, but is Hindu, that they are damned. All that God asks of us is that we keep the ten commandments, so if you follow them, and treat others with love and respect, it should not matter what religion you call yourself.

05. A time you thought of ending your own life.

     If you know me; you know that me and my mother do not get along most of the time. We fight  a lot, and she makes me feel like shit almost every day. I cannot do anything right in her eyes, and I just cannot seem to make her proud of me. She looks at me like I mean nothing to her. I also have an extremely low self-esteem. I rag on myself the most. I think that I am not good enough for anyone. I don’t deserve to be treated with respect. I don’t deserve the things I have, or the people I know, or the people I call my friends. Yes, I have thought about committing suicide. I think about it far too often. How easy it would be, how I could do it, would anyone even care? Would it be better for my parents if I wasn’t such a burden to them?

06. Your Zodiak sign, and if you think it fits your personality.

My Zodiak sign is Libra, so you decide:

Traditional Libra traits: diplomatic and urbane, Romantic and charming, Easygoing and sociable, Idealistic and peaceable. Indecisive and changeable. Gullible and easily influenced. Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

Sounds about right to me!

07. A moment you felt most satisfied with yourself.

OK let’s see. Well I was particularly keen when my softball team and I ended an inning with 4 pitches. 1. (girl on other team) hit into a single, thrown out at first. 2. girl hit a fly in the infield, caught, and called out. 3. I threw a ball… 4. Fly ball to outfield, caught, and girl was called out. I about twerked off the infield. By the way, we crushed that team that day.

08. Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

     If you have ever met me, you already know that I never stop talking about moving to California. However, the place I would absolutely LOVE to visit is Ireland. I believe I’ve mentioned in a previous entry that I am extremely Irish; and proud of it! I would fit right in there! What I always tell people around here, is that I burn so easily because Ireland is perpetually cloudy!

 09. Your first love, and first kiss.

My first love, that was most certainly one way, on my part of course, was a boy at church. Growing up home schooled, I never had much interaction with the opposite sex, I cannot recall his name, but I can picture him in my head. He sat behind us every week, and I just thought he was so cute! Thinking back, he was actually really ugly, and I know that sounds mean, but it’s the truth, sorry. I never spoke to him, or hung out with him outside of church, but I was always thinking about him. I also fell in love with J.C. from N SYNC. Go ahead, judge me all you want, but I would kiss his poster behind my door every day. My first kiss was with a boy named Andrew. He lived across the street from me, and if my brother is reading this, even he does’t  know this story. I was 11 or 12 at the time, and it happened when we walked down to the creek in our neighborhood, alone, and it was just a peck, but it still counted. We swore it to secrecy, because he was my brother’s friend, and we didn’t want him to know.

10. Bullet your whole day.

  • I usually get up around 7:30- 8:00 am.
  • On weekdays I open at work, so I get dressed in whatever is laying on my floor, because apparently I am a teenage boy. I work at a clothing store, do you really think I am going to come home and do my own laundry? nope!
  • I make myself a cup of coffee with my vanilla caramel creamer, and grab a poptart from my “snack shelf” in my room.
  • I then start on my hair, if I don’t straighten it, which a pain, it goes up in a bun.
  • make-up time, gotta get myself all dolled up
  • I eat my poptart watching How I Met Your Mother in bed until I need to put on my shoes and leave
  • *at work for about 4 1/2 hours.*
  • make myself lunch, usually noodle soup, or a grilled cheese.
  • watch How I Met Your Mother the rest of the day 


10/20 questions

They say that love is Forever. Your Forever is all that I need.

yea, yea, this is another post on love. But I think about it a lot. 

Now I (like most human beings) am obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.

In episode 18 of season 5, “Say Cheese”, Ted brings a girl to Lily’s birthday party. They end up playing the name that bitch game. Everyone hates that Ted brings these girls to group events because, they never end up together, and they are stuck with a picture of this girl for eternity. Lily goes through her scrapbook and points out all of these random skanks that Ted brings. Later on in the episode, Ted points out the First Roommate Picture Ever photo. Ted invited Lily into the photo of him and Marshall, not knowing if Lily would become a random skank if Marshall and Lily were to ever break up (obviously this never happened) 

Ted believed that Lily could be the one. Just like Ted thought that all of his random skanks could be the one just for him.

I hope that I can one day have an epic romantic story to tell my kids of How I Met Your Father


They say that love is Forever. Your Forever is all that I need.

things I don’t understand about girls.

A girls mind is a fucked up place.

We do things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Being a girl, even I don’t fully understand my own way of thinking.

→ why do girls make up drama in their own heads, before anything has happened to cause it? “oh that bitch said blah blah blah” “woah she actually said that to you?!” “well no, but that’s what she meant.”

→ Personally I don’t do this, but why do girls need to go the bathroom as a group? If you’re going to actually to use the bathroom, and not just to talk about the cute guy you saw, why would you want everyone in there with you? Its just gross. 

→ why do girls post pictures of themselves half-naked, whether its in a dress so short that if she bends over her ass will hang out, or a bikini, that’s made out of dental floss; then when a guy comments: looking hot, I’d tap that, what a hottie, nice body, etc. the girl’s response is “eww pervert!” uh, what did you think they were gonna say? Wow you’re personality really shines through in this photograph, I was looking deep into your eyes the whole time. no. 

→ Why do girls feel the need to have their boobs popping out all the time? Personally, I know I have a nice rack, but it looks good in a guys t-shirt, simply because their boobs. If you want to attract a decent guy, that doesn’t want you just for your body, then cover up bitch. (this also applies to short shorts or ‘bootie’ shorts, I get it, you have an ass, I can see it, but I would like to see less of it. thanks.)

→ Why do girls expect the guy to pay for everything? He is most likely not made of money. (This is me at McDonalds) hey baby, you want a 49¢ cone? I got it. *pulls out change*

→ Why do girls care if the guy wants to play video games? Does he want to go shopping?  Does he want to watch another chick-flick? No. He doesn’t. Why don’t you play with him? Ask him to teach you. Why don’t you do things that he wants to do, instead of only thinking about yourself? woah, I bet you never thought about that before!

→ Why do girls make all guys think you want to cuddle? Sometimes I just want my space. Like, you stay on your cushion, and I’ll stay on mine. This usually applies while I am on my period… just an FYI. *winks* 

→ Why do girls care so much about how they look? If you’re going to the post office, grocery store, or library, why do you have cake face?! Were you planning on flirting with the old creepy librarian? This is hypothetical, I hope you don’t actually do that, because that would be frightening. 

→ I am quite puzzled as to why girls (eh eh I switched it up there) wear high-heeled GYM SHOES. sjdhkifyuejnsvufuckarlkgug. They are just so fucking ugly! Like if you’re going to wear heels, wear heels, if you’re going to wear gym shoes, wear gym shoes; but if you wear the spawn of both, don’t be surprised when I smack you. You deserve it. 

→ Why do girls care so much about what they eat? I’m not saying go eat everything in sight, but if you’re worried about what people think of you while eating a doughnut, its time to reassess your life. Personally, if I want pizza, I am going to eat it, if I want a shake, I am going to have one. I don’t give a shit about what people around me think. Besides, all the tortoises eating their salad, are probably really jealous of your delicious large chocolate shake.

I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

things I don’t understand about girls.

things that annoy me

“I like long walks, especialy when they are taken by people who annoy me.”
― Noël Coward

1. people in general.     2. the sound of someone chewing.     3. people that take a long time to text back.     4. When you’re on Facebook messenger, and it says ‘seen at 1:23pm’ and they don’t reply.     5. When customers come in at 8:59pm at work and mess up my undie tables.     6. People that stand too close to you while waiting in a line.     7. When you ask the person leaving your room to please close the door on your way out and they leave it open just a crack.     8. When your wifi goes slow.     9. When you’re at work, and your bra is uncharacteristically tight.     10. When Taco Bell runs out of beef… yes, this has actually happened to me.     11. When you need to do laundry and the detergent is all gone.     12. When you get a text while in the shower.     13. When you go to have cereal and someone left crumbs in the bag, and put the box back in the pantry, just to toy with your emotions.     14. When you are already running late, and can’t find your shoes.     15. When you see a really awesome shirt, and its wayy too expensive.     16. When you hair won’t do anything.     17. When you get a pimple right before a party that is so big that you need a +1.     18. When you see a really hot guy, and then his girlfriend comes back.              19. When you run out of mascara, and then realize that’s what you forgot to buy.      20. When your phone runs out of battery, and there is no way to charge it.

things that annoy me

nice guys finish last?

“The first reason why nice guys don’t finish last is because you’re already finishing first in something, and that’s being a fucking idiot.” – Jenna Marbles

Personally, I wish that guys would stop saying this. It is abso-fucking-lutely not true.

Let me be really blunt here, if a girl doesn’t like you, it is NOT because you’re nice, it’s probably because she doesn’t like you.


Guys, seriously, if a girl goes for the douche bag, she doesn’t deserve a guy like you.     Simple as that.

Lets be real though, a “bad boy” is hot as fuck, but us girls don’t see him as boyfriend material; more like a one’n’done. Yea, we see guys that way too.

A guy that treats us right and makes us feel wanted is the guy that is going to finish first. If you think you don’t have a chance with a girl, you’re literally NEVER going to have a shot because girls like confidence, hence the bad boy image. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If a girl likes you, it won’t be because of whether or not you’re good or bad, but because                  you’re exactly what she is looking for.

nice guys finish last?